Monday, 9 November 2009

Something Old.Something New.Something Awesome #3



Or more specifically 'Crazy Rhythms' The debut album of The Feelies'.
Hailed as one of the best albums of 1980, Crazy Rhythms was the debut of New Jersey New Wave band The Feelies. You've probably heard of them, highly respected and influential band that never really 'made it' because of constant breaks up and minimal commerical success.
Whilst i'm totally aware this post should have really happened back in September, when Domino re-released the record, as an incentive to go and buy it this blog didn't really exist then.
All i can ask is that if you haven't checked out The Feelies then listen to the stolen mp3 below go and seek out 'Crazy Rhythms' they even did that whole reforming thing band are doing now days so try and catch them live, probably at ATP or at this place called 'Maxwell's' in New Jersey if not just YOUTUBE that shit for sure...

The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms



With a limited release out soon on sex is disgusting records and a very complimentary pitchfork article under their belts, fair ohs look set to have a very interesting 2010.

Whilst older tracks like the 51 second I'm a Woman I'm your Wife show a certain penchant for aggressive speed garage, the band have dropped their prefix (they used to be 'thee' fair ohs) and are making sunshine punk at it's finest, citing Paul Simon and 'Kenyan benga beat' as influences. Tracks like 'Almost Island and 'Summer Lake' stroll along encompassing tropical guitars afro-beat drums and chilled out bass lines, with some good old fashioned punk 'way-ohs' thrown in for good measure.

Fair ohs are the perfect ammo for the ipod in terms of the freezing cold walk to the station for work on Monday mornings.

Fair Ohs - Summer Lake



From The Drums to Girls to The Smith Westerns there's loads of cool shit coming out of America so here's what can only be described as 'a fucked up American Propaganda movie' to remind us of all the rad things America does.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Something Old.Something New.Something Awesome #2



In terms of mp3 files i can't say that i hold many that dear to my heart, but this is sitting on my aorta right now. Many minutes were spent on a search to try and buy this tape somewhere but unfortunately it became clear that it was never going to happen, luckily some really cool person has some machine that means a simple tape can be converted into kilobytes. It was recorded in '88 in London and got a release on the awesome K Records in 1991.

This may well be one of the best things in the world ever.

Beat Happening ll Vaselines Split Tape



London based 3 piece just about to release their first 7" on sleep all day records. The track in question is 'Wonderful Beasts' a pixies-esque loud and quiet affair that slips between frenetic riffs, melodic 'oohs' and kinda shouty vocals it's the track that i've got stuck on repeat right now, which is cool although myspace kills this computer everytime.

They've got a release party at the stags head on the 21st of october, Teen Sheikhs are playing as well and its free entry, thats's pretty cool.

Not Cool - Limbs Are For Liars
Not Cool - Desks


No Pain In Pop Halloween Party


Come check out our night at the old blue last on thursday if you can, drop us a message over at myspace and we'll add you to some kind of 'pay less money to get in list'

Mike X

Monday, 5 October 2009

Something Old.Something New.Something Awesome



Baby Gecko are from Flagstaff Arizona, a few of the running scenes from the movie Forrest Gump were filmed there which i guess means its looks something like THIS, but on the whole this is pretty much irrelevant. The band formed in 2005 and were pretty short lived from what i can tell, they went on a tour in summer of 2006 and released a spilt 7" with Soft Shoulder who are also pretty awesome, but after that pretty much nothing . More recently the newly sub pop signed and totally awesome male bonding covered their song Dino, which single handedly restored most of my faith in this world, i mean c'mon its not everyday one of your favourite bands covers one of your favourite bands, right?
Also check out their blog if you get the chance, a pretty candid account of a new band going through the motions of being a erm, new band.

Male Bonding - Dino (Baby Gecko Cover)
Baby Gecko - Paint the Streets



Manchester 3 Piece whose debut single 'Bowie Knives' came out a little while ago on Sex Is Disgusting Records which you can buy by heading over to their myspace (while you're there i recommend picking up the human hair 7" but i guess thats another post for another time, right?)
Back to Mazes, they've got the whole fuzzy lo-fi vibe going on, which is bound to happen when you record on a Tascam 4-Track and them mix them through a television but they also write proper jams. The kind of tunes that can soundtrack your summer and the kind of band that get you really excited and do kind of lame shit like text all your friends the address to their myspace just to wait for their replies telling you how awesome they are.
Live they're one of those bands were even if its your first time seeing them the songs are so catchy that you end up doing that thing where you kind of try to sing along to songs you don't really know the words too and that other thing where you look over to your mates and give that nod of "fuck yeah, they're awesome!"

But yeah, unfortunately my words have probably done this band no justice whatsoever but please go check them out because they really stupid good!

Mazes - Vampire Jive


Mike X

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Graffiti Island

Graffiti Island are the best band I've heard this year. Since stumbling across their myspace and hearing the awesome 'Mountain Man' towards the end of last year I've been hooked. Born out of a blog called 'Voodoo Village' this multi-cultural 3 piece are creating some of the most interesting music available to the ear right now.
Complete with their no-fi ethic, check out their cassette releases and artwork hand drawn by the band, they offer a fresh and some what dark alternative to the mainstream and prove that being a d.i.y band doesn't just mean sounding like you live and record your music inside a skip somewhere in Dalston...
Catching them live at the macbeth I was blown away by the atmosphere the band create with bassist/guitarist conan switching between instruments between songs,Pete's nonchalant yet mesmerizing dead pan delivery, which bring up some pretty fucked up imagery,
"I want a waistcoat made out of human flesh
i'd like some shrunken head ear rings"
Add Cherise's mood encapsulating drumming and Graffiti Island have stumbled upon a formula that means they don't have to compromise yet do not alienate.

I don't think easyjet flies to Graffiti Island, but you should definitely find some way to visit.

Home.Under.Ground Top 10

The 10 bands for this week that you should definitely check out.

1. Graffiti Island
Our first ever featured artist, which right now means nothing but in the future will hopefully mean something. I will champion this band til the day my the bones of my pinkie finger are turned into a pipe...

2. Wavves
Weed has always had musics back, and wavves and weed do go hand in hand, but so do wavves and being pretty fucking awesome.

3. Teeth!!!
Headlined the last Home.Under.Ground and single handedly brought the party. At last check the only song they had on their myspace was by alanis morrissette, not even a cover, just the lady herself - but still head over there you can download their ep's for free!

4. Little Death
Another Home.Under.Ground past headliner - during their set someone shouted out "you're gonna be the next nirvana" that must count for something pretty cool right.

5. Swanton Bombs
Swanton Bombs should come with an apology to your old favourite band that they aren't needed any more - Keep you eyes peeled for an album coming soon and try and pick up their EP 'Mammoth Skull'

6. Micachu
I don't think i really need to say much about Micachu - So far the best album of the year and i'm not sure how it's going to be topped.

7. Phantom
Some future Home.Under.Ground'ers here. Their ones to watch for 2009 and will be probably be huge in 2010. Catch them at the buffalo bar, islington on the 23rd of april.

8. Video Nasties
Do you have a tenner near you? maybe even a little bit less? if so grab it and hide it somewhere, wait for their album to come out and buy it immediately.

9. Male Bonding
This band are all kinds of amazing. Catch them on tour with the Vivian Girls throughout early may.

10. The XX
Another one i'm sure you've all heard of -- Check out 'Blood Red Moon' and their cover of Womack and Womack's 'Teardrops'

Mp3's and Shit.

Graffiti Island - Headhunters
Graffiti Island - Mountain Man

There's also these video's of them playing a sexbeat night at barden's boudoir
Part 1
Part 2

Mike X